Dark Drama Theatre is a new theatre company that will be putting on ambitious shows that challenge viewers and performers alike. You'll see some familiar playrights, and newcomers who are getting off the beaten track. Join us on our journey and see where we take you, see where our performers will take you, and experience theatre that will take you to a bold new level.


"Theatre is never going to be edgy and gritty in the way it should be” –


 “We are here to change that”


– Dark Drama Theater


Chance Eon Romero – Founder

Help be a part of this creative adventure and get involved from the ground up with this new Theatre Company.


We will be seeking talented actors to join our company to grow and develop with us on this journey. We know it's not just actors who bring good theater to life and are currently seeking to grow our theatrical family in the following positions:

  • Scenic Design

  • Lighting Design

  • Sound Design

  • Costume Design

  • Stage Managing


Want to get involved? Please contact us at:




Thank you for your interest and support as we get things off the ground.

-Dark Drama Theatre